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To the true chocolate lover, chocolate is an event all by itself no matter where it’s enjoyed.  But if you want to travel and experience chocolate along the way, come along as we explore chocolate away from home.

Dallas Chocolate Festival 2017

There were over 60 vendors at the festival, many of whom made and sold small-batch handcrafted chocolates.  Full review here...

Caramel Pecan Tart at Austin Street Bistro in Jefferson, TexasCaramel Pecan Tart at Austin Street Bistro

Chocolate in Jefferson, Texas

Come visit Jefferson, Texas to enjoy quaint B&B inns, antiques shopping, enticing restaurants and plenty of chocolate!  Full review here...

McKinney, Texas

McKinney is the location of one of the most charming historic downtowns in Texas.  If you are anywhere near this town, make it a point to stop and visit.  Full story here...

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  5. McKinney Texas

    One of North Texas’ best-kept secrets, McKinney, Texas has a delightfully charming historic district full of activities for the whole family, including chocolate.

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